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Parc régional de Camargue

Les Lodges de Camargue obtained in 2022 the Label VALEURS PARC NATUREL RÉGIONAL because of our commitment to the respect of nature, for the blooming of the Man, and for the local economy.

In concrete terms, this means that...
... we are committed to the life of our villages and participate in the positive actions of the Park
... we guide you on a gentle and authentic discovery of our territory
... we care about biodiversity
... we take care of the impact of our activity on the environment
... we favour short circuits and quality local products
... we preserve and renovate old buildings
... we are part of a network of tourist actors, farmers and craftsmen who carry and defend the values of a soft tourism
We wish - through all these commitments - to transmit to you the keys of our territory to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

About us

Green hotel

The Lodges de Camargue have been designed and built with ecology in mind. The wooden constructions fit very well in this region where nature is still mostly present. With the help of solar panels installed on the majority of our lodges, we are 90% autonomous in energy. Thanks to its natural water filtration system, our swimming pond built around multiple plants, welcomes you in a healthy water without harmful products for your health.

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All together

Being located in the eastern part of the Camargue, Lodges de Camargue is committed to respecting this beautiful region in order to preserve it for future generations. The Camargue offers you many things, it's up to you to give it back. Respect this region and think about the small gestures of everyday life.



The Camargue is known for the wonders it has to offer but also for its mosquitoes. Over the years, their presence has been drastically reduced with the help of ecological treatments. In addition, for the optimal comfort of the the Lodges de Camargue's guests, we have installed Qista traps on our grounds. These traps imitate human breathing to attract mosquitoes and trap them. Our lodges are equipped with mosquito nets on all their windows. Please take a mosquito repellent which can be useful at certain hours of the day.